Quality Carpet Cleaning

One of the basic questions concerning the quality carpet cleaning, the carpets all with such a technology must be cleaned, which is for the type and condition of the carpet to be most suitable. For qualitative cleaning of carpets and such larger rugs can be washed only spread out flat in a plane, we use a flat washer.
After pretreatment by hand, the machine-made rugs in a renovated by ourselves, 4.3 m wide, with PCL-controlled washing machine of the type Kannengießer washed and rinsed several times. First, the carpets are sprayed with a water jet with high pressure in their entire cross-section, then washed with a flat brush. Subsequently, the multiple rinsing and then a part of the water contained in the carpet is removed with a mechanical press. Then take the rugs in the Carpet special centrifuges.
Certain types of carpet or antique carpets should only be cleaned by hand individually. Cleaning by hand is not as intense as the special clothes. In these cases, but only accessible with this technology, a quality carpet cleaning. If necessary we also use an anti-allergic cleaning, in which we attach particular importance to the thorough removal of dust and mites as well as special additives.