History of our carpet cleaning company


The carpet cleaning GmbH “Szőnyegtisztító Kft” located at 1046 Budapest, Fóti út 79-81. The founding of our predecessor company dates back to 1974 when the Budapest-laundering enterprise “dry-cleaners” in Hungary, founded the unique and powerful carpet cleaning company operating as a special branch. Thanks to the constant developments and effective carpet cleaning, we are proud that we have a large number of such customers, the service already in our previous company, in the 11th District. had claimed, and now we here in the district Újpest Fóti út again welcome you as our customer. The carpet cleaning GmbH “Szőnyegtisztító Kft” is Hungarian owned and serves its clients since 1990 as an independent company.

We are open day and night. With these opening times, telephone customer service and the adoption of the carpets around the clock, we can guarantee you the fastest possible cleaning your carpets. In general, we clean the carpets within 2 working days. With certain types of carpet cleaning and contamination can take the time to 1-2 days longer. The personal information and to register your carpets will be treated confidentially. For us it means both a great professional challenge and a great responsibility to clean the carpets produced in different ways, as well as carpets made ​​of different materials and of varying value with a good outcome to the complete satisfaction of our clients.