Carpet cleaning tipps

You have probably already made ​​a party to a bad experience. The next day they get a nasty surprise. Your beautiful new carpet is not only dirty but also with ESSR with red wine stains. How can I save my carpet?
It is important to know what material was made ​​from your carpet. For sensitive materials, the use of cleaning agents is not always recommended. Leftovers can be partially removed with a vacuum cleaner and after that with cleaning agents. For red wine stains, we recommend saline. The salt we sprinkle on the stain and let it soak.
Later, we can suck it and then wash the carpet with water or soap suds. If you want to freshen the color of the carpet, we can suggest two possibilities. You can clean the carpet with a vinegar solution. In winter you can put the carpet with a pat on the surface of the snow.
If the carpet is besmutzt with wax you can try it with the iron and absorbent blotter paper. When the wax is colored, you prefer to use mineral spirits, may cause it to discolor.
Chewing gum stains can be treated with ice spray or ice cubes.
Grease stains can be removed with hot water and Spühlmittel.
Solten with these methods are unsuccessful, contact the Hungarian carpet cleaning company “Szőnyegtisztító Kft.” We rid your carpet from stains that could not remove.