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Our philosophy is the philosophy of quality carpet cleaning: We do everything for the carpet and the customer.

In all of our collection points, we try to combine the advantages of modern technology and operational maintenance of the irreplaceable craftsmanship!

We are in our work around the clock.

You can contact our service via phone: +36 1 390-75-75 claim or if you send the filled out on our website under “Order” form located at us, then take our staff to contact you.

Our colleagues that clean the carpets and deliver it to you then take into consideration the demands of customers. We try to meet the individual needs of our customers if they want to have delivered the rugs.

In general, we perform the following services within two days: the washing machine-made carpets, the individual washing or cleaning with hand handgeküpften, and hand-woven Oriental rugs, and hand cleaning of antique rugs. All carpets before cleaning by carpet-beating machines dusted with great Wirkungsrad and freed from dust mites. The rugs are treated individually by hand. Only after the spots have been treated, the rugs come in a washing machine controlled by special program, where the contamination is removed in the carpets.

Some types of carpets or when requested by the customer, we clean the carpets in converted industrial washing machines which are suitable for cleaning large rugs and individual. So that we can use any type of technology, from the mildest to the very intensive washing effect (even soft water).

In order to ask the customer card issued in your name so we can welcome you among our returning customers. Take advantage of the discounts granted to customers returning.

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